IOT Based Paralysis Patient Health Care Monitoring System


Ms.N.ReneeSegridReddiyar, AssistantProfessor, U.GScholars, S.Remina, S.Sabrin, M.Subhashini
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli.


We all know that the paralysis condition is a loss of muscle function in the body parts. It can affect any part of your body at any time, then probably you may feel pain in the affected area. Technical and Therapeutic innovations are there to improve the quality of life Our goal is to develop a device that should be easy to use and should be affordable which consists of a basic health care monitoring system with nursing care. We know that these people can’t able to convey their messages or needs. To overcome this, we come up with a system that helps these patients to display messages in a very simple motion. This device can be designed to be mounted on the finger or to be inbuilt in their clothes.