Iot Technology-Based Smart Distribution Framework for the Recognition of Vulnerabilities


Sriram Parabrahmachari
Research Scholar, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai – 600119, India.

Sr. Consultant, B Assure Solutions Pvt. Limited Chennai, India.


The Internet of Things (IoT) transforms everybody’s life through functionality like control and tracking of linked intelligent devices. Smart towns, houses, vehicles, factories, e-healthcare to intelligent control systems, commuting, clothing, agriculture, and many more size IoT applications. The adaptation of these instruments is increasing rapidly, generating considerable data for visualization and interpretation. These systems are also vulnerable to various security risks and issues alongside easy human life, which not only concern consumers for their adoption in sensitive environments such as e-health, smart homes, and so on but also represent a risk for IoT nutrition in the next few days. The Internet of Things (IoT) transforms everybody’s life through functions like the tracking and surveillance of the associated intelligent objects. Smart cities, houses, vehicles, factories, e-healthcare, commuting, wearable tech, agriculture, and more are all IoT technologies. The adaptation of such instruments is exponentially increasing, which produces considerable data for processing and analysis. These systems are thus vulnerable to various threats and safety challenges alongside facilitating human life, not only causing concern to the consumers for their use in centralized locations including such e-health and intelligent home, etc but also posing a risk to IoT nutrition in the coming days. Moreover, a detailed competitive study between the suggested technique and other related schemes reveals that a better deal is reached with the suggested Method in comparison with other schemes between the safety and accessibility features, connectivity, and computing costs.