Isolation and Molecular Identification of Mycobacteria Spp from Human in Iraq


Salam H.Fayadh Al-Issawi, Maysoon S.Abbas
Zoonotic Diseases Unit, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.


Total of 110 sputum samples were collected included 70 sample from Chest and Respiratory Diseases Center in Baghdad city and 40 sample from birds owners, The cultural results, acid fast stain and molecular identification of 110 human samples revealed that all human isolates were Nine isolates from 110 (8.18 %) which isolated only from T.B center patients from female and male respectively. All the isolates were from elderly patients and one of them under go from diabetes. were belong to one isolate was M. persicum (11.11) some results were the first isolated of these NTM spp, one isolate was M. fortuitum (11.11%), three isolate were belong to M. simiae ( 33.33%) one isolated from female live in rual area, One isolate was M. abscessus (11.11), M. tuberculosis group which represent the high percent (33.33%