Job Trends Analysis Using Rapid Miner


Poorvi Gupta, Manu Shrivastava, Poovammal E
Dept. of CSE, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur, India.


Finding jobs online has become common with the increasing number of internet users and websites that provide full time jobs or internships. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic most of the applications and hiring processes are being conducted online through these websites. A person needs to find a suitable job based on their skill sets and interests. Siteslike provide such opportunities by enlisting available offers, such that we can apply for a job in a few steps based on our interest. A job requires particular set of skills which also effects the other aspects related to a job such as salary, position, location etc. To analyze these trends many data-mining tools can be used. In this paper we have built a clustering model from the dataset Using the data-mining tool Rapid Miner, the model was developed and we were able to identify the clusters, correlation and other major features for taking decisions.