Low Energy Data Centric Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network


Padmageetha BG, Associate Professor, Dr.Pramod Kumar Naik, Associate Professor,
Dayananda Sagar University Bangalore, India.
Dr. Mallanagouda Patil,  Associate Professor
RVITM, Bengaluru, India.


Through wireless communication, wireless sensor networks (WSN) have changed the communication media. But limitations in WSN are a result of the difficulties in replacing node batteries. The popular routing algorithm is LEACH has some limitation in conserving better energy levels. In this paper, a new clustering algorithm, Low energy data centric algorithm (LEDCA) is proposed for WSNs to reduce energy consumption and thus prolong the life of the WSNs. The monitoring nodes on schedule basis collects information though hopping mechanism on nodes and creates an energy road map for residual energy to monitor the time to sustain energy in each node. The proposed model is the improved version of Weighted Clustering Algorithm (WCA) and analyzed on the amount of energy packets sent to the monitoring node on various thresholds and calculates parameters for sustaining energy.