Machining of EN31 Steel using CNC Vertical Milling Machine for different parameters: A Review


Sunil Kumar, P.Sudhakar.Rao,
Mechanical Engineering Department, NITTTR, Chandigarh, India.


The purpose of this review paper is to obtain the most favorable set of machining variables used by the researchers for machining of the Steel on CNC milling machine using various methods/Technique. The S/N ratio and Analysis of Variance techniques have been applied by the researchers to verify the significant parameters. This literature review showed that feed and depth of cut were the most significant factors for the Tool Wear Rate. Depth of cut was the most significant factor for Material Removal Rate and Tool Wear Rate. Feed was the most significant factor for Surface Roughness. Spindle speed had little effect on Tool Wear Rate, Surface Roughness, and Material Removal Rate.