Mechanical And Metallurgical Investigation Of Tig Welded-Brazed Aluminum And Stainless Steel Disimilar Joint By Using Copper Filler Rod


Sairam Kotari
Research Scholar, Gitam Demmed to be university, Hyderabad, India.
Assistant professor, Vardhaman College Of engineering, Hyderabad ,India.
Eshwaraiah Punna, Professor
Gitam Demmed to be university, Hyderabad, India.


Automobile bodies made by mix of steel and aluminum composites are getting famous in present days to decrease weight. Present work means to exhibit the strength of Aluminum and steel welded joint. Primary measures centered in this work are strength forecast, streamlining of welding measure boundaries and investigation of intermetallics. Base materials utilized are AA6061 aluminum alloys and SS304 hardened steel alloy. BCuP-4 copper filler bar is utilized for TIG welding/brazing of base metals. Taguchi L27 symmetrical exhibit with three elements is taken for plan of analyses. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) a tool used to determine a remarkable effect of welding parameters and their performance significantly. In addition, experimental Tensile strength is compared to predicted values based on ANN. The results were found to be satisfactory. Formation Of IMCs were studied by doing SEM analysis.