The Miraculous Event As A Criticism Of Ideology Reading in the novel of Ajab Baghdad by Ward Badr Al-Salem


Humam Yassin Shukr, Assistant Lecturer, Aysar Muhammed Fadhel Al-Dbow, Professor
Anbar University College of Arts, Iraq.


This brief study aims to read the miraculous event in the novel The Wonders of Baghdad – an analytical reading – after which a critical means exposes and exposes the ideological discourse behind the authority, regardless of the form of this authority. This method takes advantage of the miraculous nature of the fact that it knocks through the doors and penetrates into unfamiliar and illogical worlds, so that it appears as a mask that the writer conceals behind him to reveal what cannot reveal a reality except to flee to the imagination, either in fear of a censor, or an intensification and deepening of criticism, to Besides, it gives an aesthetic touch to the narrative texts. The study is based on two requirements: the first is theoretical, in which we stand on the most important stations of the definition of the miraculous concept, especially the Todorovic station, and the second: my application, through which we seek to trace the miraculous texts in the novel, and then prove that the miraculous is an effective critical means of ideological work.