Modelling & Analysis of Closed Loop Controller for PMBLDC Motor


K. Lavanya Raj, Assistant Professor, P. Srilakshmi, A. Narmada, G. Sowjanya, M. Praneeth Kumar, S R V N S saran
Dept. of EEE, QISCET, Ongole, India.


The Brushless DC motors are widely used in many industrial and traction applications because of their high efficiency, high torque, low maintenance, less noise and low volume. The BLDC motor can act as an alternative for traditional motors like Brushed DC motor, induction motor, switched reluctance motors etc. The performance of BLDC motor is analysed using Matlab with motor on no load. The various performance parameters are analysed by Matlab software. The torque characteristics of BLDC motor is very important factor in designing BLDC motor drive system. After development of simple mathematical model of three phase BLDC motor with trapezoidal waveforms of back emf, the motor is modelled by using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The speed, phase current, back emf waveforms are also obtained using this model. In the presented model speed is regulated by PI controller. In this paper the simulation is carried out for 1200 mode of operation and Trapezoidal back emf waveforms are considered. The results obtained using Matlab software are highly acceptable and this gives very important information for designing BLDC motor drive system.