Multiband Array Antenna towards Microstrip Patch antenna using Resonant Frequency for s band Application


Nivedita Mishra, Dr. Saima Beg
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow.

Preeti Singh
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, UIET, CSJMU, Kanpur.


In today’s world, the requirement for lower-weight, low-cost, low-profile, and effective-use transmitters is growing by the day. For addressing these parameters in a variety of applications, microstrip patch antennas are more popular than other antennas. The main issue with these types of microstrip patch antennas is that they have a high return loss, VSWR, and bandwidth, but these issues can be rectified utilizing a design technique. The method of design was to use mirror image layouts, which was a simple and easy way to improve performance. The efficiency of a simple patch cannot be influenced by any single structure that lacks a mirror reflection. In this study, the two +-shaped constructions are used, and the results are in good agreement. In today’s world, these antennas have a variety of uses, including WLAN and s band applications. In the future, various frameworks will be used to improve the results that have been produced thus far.