Multipurpose Agricultural Machine for Smart Farming


Tejal Hinge, Shreyash Pashilkar, Utkarsh Mishra, Rohit Salunkhe, Kanchan Gorde, Professor,
Department of Electronics Engineering, Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Maharashtra, India.


India's main industry, accounting for 70% of the workforce, is agriculture. Therefore, it is important to introduce new practices in agriculture for more productivity. The multi-purpose agricultural machine can perform five operations such as ploughing, digging, fertilizer pouring, seed sowing and grass cutting. All work was done with traditional machines in the past. Using the tool manually is tedious and difficult. The project offers multi-purpose smart agriculture with technologies such as Bluetooth, Arduino, ultrasonic sensors, servo motors, L293D and motors to create various agricultural machines. This innovation has many functions that are important for good agriculture. Integrating technology, innovation, freedom and connectivity, this smart agriculture aims to improve agriculture and contribute to stability and strength in food production.