Network Function Virtualization in the Multi-Tenant Cloud


Pranjay Poddar, Subhojeet Bhattacharjee, Tulasi Sathwika Roy
Networking and Communication Department, SRM Institute Of science And Technology, Chennai, India.

Sam Pradeepraj T, Corresponding Author
Networking and Communication Department, SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai, India.


In current era cloud networks have been one of the major adopters of virtual networks, with virtual network techniques being used to abstract the distribution of physical and logical resources. A considerable amount of third-party cloud providers launches their applications on the cloud, keeping in mind innumerable requirements posed relates to the performance, security, and management of the cloud providers use various hardware middleboxes to execute various network operations and improve the cloud’s capacity to meet tenant needs. Even while middleboxes are critical to the cloud, the prices, manageability, and performance overhead are a concern for the cloud community. To address these issues, academics have proposed Firewalls as an alternative to hardware middleboxes such as NAT. Software programs provide comparable functionality while vastly improving flexibility, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.