New Approach of Multi-Objective Optimization of Gas Pipeline Networks Using Fuzzy Approach


E.Y. Amr, 
Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO), Egypt.

S. M. Aly, M.E. Awad
Department of Refining and Petrochemical Engineering, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez University, Egypt.


Natural gas plays an important role in the world energy market due to the continuous expansion of natural gas applications whether as a fuel or as a feed stock for the fertilizers and petrochemical industries, one of the most problem of the natural gas transportation is the drop in pressure and energy through the gas pipeline networks due to friction between the natural gas; this energy and pressure drop is restored using compressor stations, this compressors use the gas from the pipeline as fuel to make up; this consuming huge amount of fuel consumption to provide the required power for the compressors. In this paper, we introduced two type of gas pipeline networks and applied multi objective optimization using fuzzy approach technique to reach the optimum discharge pressure from the compressors which achieving minimum power and fuel consumption for the compressors in the same time achieving maximum gas volume line pack in the network which consider safety stocks, The results matching the multi optimization concept that allows for much cheaper gas transmission network management that saving power without affecting the gas security and customers demand.