Newer Employment Possibilities for Women in India


Jasmeet Kaur, Research Scholar, Jai Jayant, Assistant Professor
Department of Management, Himgiri Zee University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.


Pandemic of Covid-19 has marked new beginning of the many human endevours in the cultural, social, medical as well as employability aspects. New phenomenon such as work from home, digitization and online dependence has not only caused several problems and detriments for the working sector but also has created possibilities for newer version of employments. In India, women majorly are involved in each and every aspects of life but in an unorganized way. Need of the hour is to generate newer and novel working structures especially for women in this post covid era of the world. All the governmental and non governmental authorities and bodies must come together with this will and try to cash out such situation which will not only provide more and more employment to the women of India but also work in favour of several societal and cultural issues such as equity, equality, upliftment and empowerment for women in India. In this research paper we will propose several newer possibilities for women in post covid era and study the current situation of women in working sectors in India.