Ol-Chiki Movement is the symbol of renaissance of Santal Community


Jogendranath Murmu, Assistant Professor
Department of Santali, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India.


The paper explored that the Ol-Chiki Movement embodies a major cultural and intellectual resurgence and symbolizes a renaissance for the Santal people. The Ol-Chiki script was created as part of a campaign that was started by Pandit Raghunath Murmu in the early 20th century with the goal of preserving and advancing Santali language and culture. The use of other scripts, which were unable to accurately represent the distinctive phonetics of the Santali language, was supplanted by this native script. In addition to making it easier to accurately record and share Santal literature, folklore, and customs, the Ol-Chiki script helped the Santal people rediscover their sense of self and pride. It gave the people the ability to fight against cultural assimilation and recover their linguistic heritage. Education has been greatly impacted by the movement; the script has been included into curricula, increasing literacy rates and providing Santal youngsters with more educational options. In addition, the Ol-Chiki Movement has sparked a more general cultural rebirth, encouraging community members to pursue intellectual, literary, and creative endeavors. It is evidence of the Santal people's tenacity and resolve to uphold their cultural heritage and claim their position in a world that is modernizing efficiently.