People ManagementThrough HRM & Transformational Leadership: A Key Factor of Organizational Performance


Mohd Shuaib Siddiqui
Department of Business Management, Integral University, India.
Urooj Ahmad Siddiqui
Department of Business Management, school of management sciences, India.


This article investigates the relationship between internal reputation management, Human Resource Management and Organizational performance. In light of the past investigations in related field, it has been demonstrated that people management and a proper leadership style can impact the achievement and the economic development of both the organizations and employees. Therefore, the reason for this paper is to clarify the impacts of HRM and leadership styles on the organizational performance. Our fundamental spotlight is on reputation management, HRM and transformational leadership, and its job in empowering the expansion in organizational performance. Our main focus is on HRM and transformational leadership, and its role in enabling the increase in organizational performance.In this study we have found that HRM practices and transformational leadership has a significant and positive impact on job satisfaction, work efficiency, employee’s turnover and employee’s moral which leads towards organisational success.