Periodic variations of the geomagnetic activity indices Ap and Kp


A.C. Pandey
Department of Physics, Govt. New Science College Rewa (M. P.) India.
Sham Singh
Department of Applied Sciences, Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali Punjab India.
Dinesh Kumar Pathak, Archana Shukla,  A.P. Mishra
Department of Physics, A. P. S. University, Rewa (M. P.) India.
Amita Rani
Department of Physics, Barkatullah University, Bhopal India.


Yearly averages of geomagnetic activity indices Kp and Ap for the years 1984 to 2018 be compared to the relevant averages of VxBs, where V is the solar wind velocity and Bs is the southward interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) component. The correlation of both quantities is known to be rather good. Comparing the averages of Ap and Kp with V and Bs separately. We found that, during the declining phase of solar cycle, V and during the ascending phase Bs have more influence on Ap and Kp indices. According to this observation the 27 days and semiannual, Ap and Kp variations be analysed discretely for years after and before sunspot minima. The time intervals prior to sunspot minima with a significant 27-day recurrent period of the IMF structure and those intervals after sunspot minima with a significant 28 to28.5 day recurrent phase of the structure be used. The averaged spectra of the two Ap and Kp data sets obviously show a period of 27 days before and a period of 28 to 29 days after sunspot minimum.