Planning of MICROGRID in Makhla village Amravati District


S.L. Tiwari
Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, India.
Dinesh Tiwari
Sunvijay steels pvt limited, Nagpur, India.


Remote areas, where renewable energy systems can make their greatest impact, for the most part will not have data on the available resources. This is especially true in developing countries. Often, the designer has to estimate the resources either based on data available at similar or nearby locations or rely on qualitative information, which may be of the form :highly windy, highly variable, calm, mostly cloudy, etc. But, such information is only a snapshot and does not represent long term averages that are needed for planning. In present paper Micro Grid is planned for Makhla village in Amravati district as a rural electrification.