Policy Management System: Overview


Hardik Devrangadi, Rithwik Goel, Vishnusai Reddy Tadiparthi
Electronics and Communication Dept., R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.

Mohammed Kalender Shihab
Computer Science Dept., R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.


For any insurance contract to see the light of day, a particular process flow is usually followed. This process flow begins with the customer calling an agent to obtain insurance, and ends with the customer receiving a quote for the coverage. Precision methods focus on improving precision and quality and on planning measures that absolutely address issues and meet the necessary requirements. Unlike automation where the focus is on speeding up tasks and processes, a precision-based approach is centered around improving the quality of the process. More current practices call for ceaselessly examining and retooling tasks/operations to achieve ever more noteworthy business esteem. In this paper, the Insurance Policy Administration System is covered in detail. The format, layout, and key details that the insurance policy entails are thoroughly covered. Some key functionalities like The Policy Submission, Risk Analysis, Policy changes and renewals, Policy cancellation in a typical Policy Administration System are reviewed. Since the Policy Administration System cannot be a standalone service and has to be used along with external systems, the integration of this typical policy administration system with an external system like a user management system is also discussed.