Power Distribution Network Restoration using Mobile Electrical Power Transport Architecture (MEPTA) Based on Energy Storage System with µ- Grid Approach for Electrical Disaster Management


T.Venkatesh, Research Scholar,
A. Jaya Laxmi, Professor,
Department of EEE, JNTUHCEH, India.


Electricity is essential for our way of life. It provides all the comforts of life. Generated power is transferred to consumers through transmission lines and distribution networks. Natural disasters can cause severe damage to the distribution network, which leads to power outages. During this period, the restoration of the power distribution network is a major challenge. µ- Grids play a vital task in the restoration of power after disruptions like blackouts or natural disasters. They provide localized energy generation and distribution, ensuring critical facilities like hospitals, emergency services, and communication networks can operate independently of the main grid. In this research, some of the centralized methods are discussed, which are used to restore the power distribution network however, have some challenges. This paper presents a novel approach for restoring power distribution networks in the event of electrical disasters using Mobile Electrical Power Transport Architecture (MEPTA) based on energy storage systems with a µ-grid approach. The proposed system aims to efficiently manage and distribute electrical power to restore functionality to affected areas quickly and effectively. The use of MEPTA and energy storage systems allows for a flexible and mobile solution, while the µ-grid approach ensures reliable and stable power distribution. This research suggests the field of electrical disaster management by providing a comprehensive and innovative idea for restoring power distribution networks in emergencies. The MATLAB/SIMULINK results for the proposed system are formulated.