Prediction and Estimation of Electroplating Characteristics, Corrosion Rate of Zinc Coated Mild Steel Coupling


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Manufacturing, Institute of Technology, Hawassa University, Hawassa, Ethiopia.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.


This present research work is taken to estimate the corrosion rate of zinc coated mild steel coupling with using of Design of Experiments (DOE). Now a day’s mild steel materials are simply corroded in the all medium including atmospheric conditions. Overcome of this planed to applying the zinc coating on the mild steel material. In this study considered of normal use of mild steel coupling for the industrial applications. Main goal of this study to evaluate the Coating thickness (µm), Change of mass (g) and Corrosion rate (mm/y) of the coupling after coating. The L16 Orthogonal array of Taguchi analysis is engaged to find the response values. The different process parameters are considered for to analysis of electroplating characteristics, corrosion rate. Process parameters are namely current density (0.3 amps/ dm2,0.5 amps/ dm2,0.7 amps/ dm2 and 0.9 amps/ dm2), concentration of Zinc (10 g/L, 12 g/L, 14 g/L and 16 g/L), coating time (45 min, 60 min, 75 min and 90 min) and temperature (20 oC, 30 oC, 40 oC and 50 oC).