Preparation and Chrstrazatio New Reagent to Determination Vital Ion Mn (II) Spectrophotometrically Using Cloud Point Extraction Technique and Its Applications


Haider Dikhal Hamza, Ibtehaj Raheem Ali
Department of Chemistry, College of Education for Women, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq.


A new organic reagent is preparation which is 2-[3- methoxy phenyl azo ]- Doxycycline from drug compound, the reagent was diagnosed by spectral methods using (UV-Vis) and infrared (FTIR) as anidentification using (HNMR) spectrum and( C.H.N). This reagentuse to determination Mn (II) ion as pair ion complex that estimated and extracted.according to the cloud point extraction (CPE) technique in enrichment layer, after adjusting the optimal conditons and factors affectedin efficiency extraction processes. The ion pare complex of manganese (II) is estimated according tothe spectral method at λma= 410nm.The optimization of complexation and extraction conditions by (CPE) investigated as well as PH= 8, critical concentration of TX100= was 0.5 ml fromTX-100 0.01%, heating time = 80C˚. Theromdynamic parameters of CPE for extraction process of the ion –pair association complex in the triton x-100 were also considered ΔH=0.1824KJ, ΔG=-65.1620 KJ, ΔS=185.1118J That referred endothermic reaction, with limit of Detection(LOD=0.0323µg mL-1) and limit of quantitation(LOQ=0.3237µg mL-1), Molar absorptivity (ℇ The stoichiometry study to determination complex stricture that ratios of metal : reagent obtained are (1:1). Underthe optimized conditions of a 10 ml sample gave perconcentration and enrichment factors are ( 20 and 1.3) respectively with sandells sensitivity ( 7.9176×10-4µg cm-2/0.001A.U).The calibration curve linear in the range of 1-7ppm with acorrelation coefficient of R= 0.9996 . The relative standard deviation for replicate determination at (100)µg 10ml-1 level is 2.3537 %. The proposed method applied for the determination of manganese in vegetables, plant leaves, fish and water which gave satisfactory results.