Prevention of Phishing Attacks on Online Voting using Visual Cryptography


B.E Students, Amisha Singh, Nandini .S, Pawana .S, Supriya. C, Dr. Prakash Biswagar, Professor
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.


According to the report, due to their busy schedules, only a small percentage of people vote. There are numerous causes; for example, everyone may be required to go to a polling center, where they will be required to stand in a long line and will be exhausted due to their tight schedule. As a result, we’ve proposed an online voting method that makes use of the internet, because the risk of cheating/threats is growing by the day. Phishing attacks are one such issue that might cause authentication issues. As a result, we’ve built a secure online voting system based on Visual Cryptography (VC), with the goal of allowing employees to vote on important and private internal corporate decisions.