T.Sangavi, S.Nishasree, C.Parthasarathi, R.Praveena, L.Vijaykumar, R.Abineshwar, Dr.C.Sasikala, Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College, Department of Microbiology.


When looking upon the people’s consciousness over health after (covid-19 pandemic) has made them to take nutrients and supplements in various forms like natural vegetables, fruits juices, chewable etc. to enhance and prevent the serious level of any circumstances. The hygiene among the people has become a good thing which is to be appreciated, which serves to be the first weapon to break the transmission of pathogenic diseases from an individual to other .During this phase of lockdown people came to know about the ancient techniques and medicines to overcome flu, cold, aches. Apart from getting an updated version of medications and facts, people all over the world got acknowledged that microbes do exist in our environment, their pros and cons were clearly assessed by the people. In order to lead a healthy life, maintenance of the microbiota became a primary goal to most of the individuals who were infected; those who just recovered had a task of replenishing their lost microbiota. As lactobacillus is important for maintenance of the gut microbiota, Lactobacillus is one of the microorganisms essential for proper functioning of the system. It plays a fundamental role in various microbiota like gut, oral and vagina. It is a gram positive organism, its size ranges from 1-1.5 micrometers in length and diameter of 0.7-1 micrometer. The work intended here is to undergo an intensive study of lactobacillus microorganism and look up for the chances of applying it into a commercial product like either into a juice or squash, etc.