Relationship of Music Therapy on Azheimer’s Disease and it’s impact


Amisha Gupta
Cherry Creek High School Greenwood Village,80111,Colorado.


Dementia word represents sequence of medical problems which causes damage the brain and gradually it develops time to time. As Stated By medical research, its more than 200 subtypes and provokes to dementia with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) which occurs in most of the old age people.AD is unchangeable growing autoimmune problem which affects Daily life cognitive process activities like thinking skills are disrupted In Advanced progressive stage thought process falls down and easy task makes them critical and unworkable. AD Patients and families life quality transfers drastically and it effects very bad on caretakers bodied &psychiatric conditions. This survey explains the writings of research in order to disclose the advantage of appealing non-developmental interference like canonic music therapy to upgrade the AD Patients life of the quality. The report purpose is to focus on the footprint of this AD on the caretakers life.AD patients finding better by Symphonic music therapy which showing sound results in the treatment and improved acculturation and the keeping there dignity & reputation of the life.