Remote Control Rover with Camera and Ultrasonic Sensor


Prof. Rohan Kokate
CSE Department, JDCOEM, Nagpur, India.

Madhulika Wannewar, Varsha Pandhare, Kshitij Choubey, Vipul Gajbhiye, Vaibhav Pandey
IT Department, JDCOEM, Nagpur, India.


Disasters and danger come without giving us warning so we must always be prepared for every situation. So for handling such situations robots can play an important role as in these situations there can be a huge risk of life too. It is wirelessly and remotely controlled through devices in order to make robots move from source to destination point. In many cases, the ground becomes uneven due to disaster effects, so robots can move through such places easily. With a rover, it becomes convenient to search the area without making any trouble. As in many rescuing operations, humans are widely used to overcome such situations and so for assisting them, robots can be used for gathering data from accidental places.