Resolving Ethnic Relations in Vietnam: A Case in Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands


Vu Kim Diem, Nguyen Hoang Thien
Kien Giang University (KGU), Kien Giang Province, Vietnam.


The paper briefly presents the concept of ethnicity and nationality. Based on the definition and scope of the concept, the paper presents the characteristics of ethnic groups and analyzes the history of ethnic relations in Lam Dong. From these analyzes, the paper focuses on interpreting the importance of building ethnic relations in the process of industrialization and modernization in Lam Dong province: i) To create opportunities and conditions for ethnic groups in the province to cooperate and develop in all aspects, together successfully realize the cause of industrialization and modernization. ii) To build up ethnic relations so that the ethnic groups in the province can consolidate their mutual understanding and trust, thus avoiding conflict and tension leading to the danger of ethnic separateness, obstructing the process of industrialization and modernization.