Dhananjay Ojha, M.Tech.(ME) Scholar, Atif Ismaile, M.Tech.(ME) Scholar, Mohammad Taslim, M.Tech.(ME) Scholar
Mechanical Engineering department, B.N. College of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, India.


Metal matrix composites (MMCs) represent a crucial category of style and square measure mass-economical structural materials that square measure encouraging each field of manufacturing tenders. It takes Associate in Nursing collective curiosity in mixtures having solidity and short price backups. Amid varied intermittently spread artifacts castoff, aluminum oxide is an amongst the foremost cheap then compactness strengthening out there massive amounts for instance solid excess through-invention throughout burning of coal in thermal power plants. Hereafter, mixtures by aluminum oxide as strengthening square measure possible beat value fence aimed at varied unfold solicitations in motorized and little engine solicitations to supply Al matrix forged element mixtures, wet ability the ceramic atoms by liquid Al is crucial to boost wet ability, parts such as aluminum oxide square measure adscititious into Al soften to include the ceramic particles. the current work has been targeted on the employment of pr out there industrial waste. Aluminum oxide in helpful manner by dispersing it into aluminum oxide matrix to made composites by mechanical stir casting. Wide size varies (0.1- 100μm) aluminum oxide elements were used. The properties like tensile strength, hardness, toughness which are related to mechanical is investigated during my work . The experimental investigation of hybrid metal matrix composites with Aluminium and Alumina reinforced aluminum alloy (Al 6064) composites samples 5%, 10%,15%, 20%,25% and 30% volume fraction applied for the purpose of production and testing of the materials. Also the machining parameters of Lathe Machine in turning namely the speed, feed, depth of cut and nose radius are optimize by using response surface methodology.