Review on Existing Fire Monitoring and Extinguishing Systems In Various Domain Verticals


Naina Mahile, Dipali Chakole, Nikita Kotangale, Mitali Charde, Triveni Pendam, Supriya Sawwashere
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering, JD college of engineering and management Nagpur, India.


Fire is one of the most frequently occurring and destructive disasters and it is extremely serious hazard to people life safety. It is an undesirable mishap which emits heat, smoke or flame and gets converted in the huge fire. Over the last few years, the demand of fire safety systems has taken a drastic increase due to the public awareness. The main motivation of this paper is to review the existing fire monitoring and extinguishing systems in various verticals of the working domains. Also it gives the brief about the design of automatic sensor based fire alerts, and extinguishing system inferring the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. The system will be able to locate the victim location and intimation to various stations to be included in the fire control the fire exposures. By implementing the proposed system in a particular area, it is possible to spot the fire within small course of time, and extinguish it without risking human lives.