Road Irregularities Detection and Driver Alert System


B.Senthil Kumar
Centre for Communication and Signal Processing, Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupathi, India.
VMSN Pavan Kumar Ch, Assistant Professor
Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla, India.
Ashok kumar
Centre for VLSI & Embedded System, Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Tirupathi, India.
Arul Elango
Postdoctoral Research fellow at LASSENA Laboratory, Montr´eal, Canada.


significant steps have been made towards driverless cars in the last couple of years. Nowadays car’s often posses cameras. They are able to alert the driver in the event of a not signalized lane change, follow lane markers, Because of numerous factors like exceptional climate conditions and vigorously stacked vehicles and different variables the streets are for the most part harmed. To monitor these lopsidedness and damages of the street we are going to make a module that is equipped for finding the potholes and speed breakers in the street dependent on the values read by ultrasonic sensor and afterward utilizing an on-board Wi-Fi module to transmit the area of the street anomalies that are controlled by utilizing the GPS module. All these modules are interfaced utilizing microcontroller. The information that is gathered is moved to the cloud stage. Here the information is spoken to in type of plots. The information gathered is given to java script reader to represent these locations on the map. This guide format can be utilized in Infotainment gadgets in automobiles which alarms the driver. To distinguish speed breaker and potholes, ultrasonic sensors are utilized and we are also utilizing a worldwide situating framework recipient (GPS collector) for distinguishing proof of topographical area directions of the identified potholes and speed breaker. The information which is detected by the ultrasonic sensors incorporates land area, the tallness of speed breakers and profundity of potholes, which is spared in the nearby and cloud database.