Role of general and local antibiotic prophylactic in hernia repair


Dr. Ihsan Ali Mohammed
Specialist Surgeon, M.B.CH.B , M.R.C.S Ireland, AL-Yarmook Teaching hospital , Minstry of health and environment, Baghdad ,Iraq.

Dr. Arkan kareem abd Al salami
Specialist Surgeon, M.B.CH.B , FICMS, AL-Yarmook Teaching hospital , Minstry of health and environment, Baghdad ,Iraq.


The current study was designed to evaluate the effect of using prophylactic antibiotic in preventing wound infection post operatively in patients with non recurrent hernia surgery. A prospective study of 180 patients with inguinal hernia where divided into three groups -:first group of 90 patients were operated on with administration of three dose of ( third generation) cephalosporin. First dose given perioperatively Second dose given eight hours post operatively later. Third dose given 24 hour post operatively later , Second group 40 patients local Garamycine 80 MG diluted in 250 saline solution was used to wash the wound of each patients , third group fifty patients (27.7%) patients were remain without any antibiotic post operatively. Observation of all patients regarding site of surgery were done till ten days after removal of stitches, so Wound swab were taken whenever any signs of infection begin to show on wound and send for culture and drug sensitivity. Result :wound infection was occur 5.5 % (five patients ) out of ninety patients in the first group while it occur in 2.5% (one patients) in the second group and in the third group 6% ( three patients) conclusion :no difference in infection rate weather the patients receive prophylactic antibiotic or not . there is less infection by using local antibiotic in comparison with other two groups but this difference is not statically significant p-value(0.7082).