Role of Math in the Working of the Internet


Arshad Ahamad
University Institute of Sciences Department of Mathematics, Chandigarh University Ghuruan, Mohali, Punjab 140413, India.


The goal of many mathematicians since the dawn of time has been to apply mathematics to practical applications and to also derive the mathematics behind many everyday things. Although we seldom have such pursuits, many everyday things have been affected by the principles of math. And things like the internet, run on fundamental mathematics principles, and hardly any credit is given to the subject. This paper aims to uncover contributions of everyday Math in the working of the internet. From encryption and decryption all the way to how search engines to index various web pages online, if one looks hard enough, concepts related to mathematics are bound to pop up. This paper also sheds light on various concepts taught in higher education that are often forgotten and only treated as something solely scholastic, but in reality, has a lot of applications in real life.