Role of Stress Situation at Diabetic Nephropathy Development


Dr.Lara Balasim Al-Dahy, Dr.Maha Raad Hashim
AL–Esraa University College , Baghdad , Iraq.


Background: Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) is disorder occur in renal nephrons caused by diabetes mellitus (DM) disease . Therefore uncontrol DM consider as high risk factor for developed renal disease , the un-control DM detection by high glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) level for long periods . Cystatin C is monomeric and non-glycosylated protein many roles in human body such as diagnosis role in renal, heart and neurology diseases . Cortisol is the most important stress hormone ,it’s release from adrenal cortex layer to all cells by blood .The functions of cortisol in cells include: regulation of blood sugar levels, metabolic process , anti-inflammatory, and other functions. Objective of the Study: Explain effect of stress situation on Diabetic Nephropathy disease Materials and Methods: The present study included 40 DM cases group classified into 20 control DM (without DN) and 20 un-control DM (with DN) ,all subjects age in current study was more than 50 years of both genders. The current study focused on psychological situation of all study individuals when sample collection ,and the blood sample usedto measured cortisol ,HbA1c and cystatin c levels Results: This study shows elevation of serum Cystatin C level , serum cortisol level and HbA1c in un-control DM (with DN) group compare with control DM (without DN) group Conclusion: This study confirms that depression can cause elevation of cortiaol level that lead to increase HbA1c level to result un-control DM , that cause early stage of DN . DN detect by elevation of cystatin C level