Security Challenges observed in IoT-Enabled Cloud Infrastructure: A Review


Ravi Jadhav
Senior Product Manager, Amazon.

Harshad Ithape
Senior Software Engineer (DevOps)- Capital One, USA.


This review work consists of the analysis based upon the challenges faced in the field of security which caused because of the devices that are enabled through IOT with cloud infrastructure. This paper is regarding the process of identification of the challenges occurred in the security apart from the risk which is involved while dealing with IOT devices in the environment of cloud and this includes privacy of data, controlling of access, process of authentication apart from the encryption. This paper is also regarding the examining different technologies which are generally used to sort out the challenges faced. The blockchain and edge computing is the technology that can be considered to solve some of the challenges. The paper also includes some of the recommendations to sort out the challenges in the field of security in terms of the cloud infrastructure which is IOT enabled. This paper also discusses the need for the procedure for standardization, to improve the awareness apart from the education while the development in the field of the security is need of an hour. Overall this work consists of providing a good resource for the researcher, academicians which are interested to work in field of security for IOT enabled cloud infrastructure.