Semiotics of the Title and Its Functions in Poetry of Reem Qais


Dr. Jasim Mohammed Abbass, Assistant Professor
Department of Arabic Language, College of Arts, University of Anbar, Iraq.


This research paper is based on a critical vision representing by reading the titles of the poetic collections of Iraqi poet (Reem Qais Kubah)*, a reading in the semiotics of the title and its functions through the concept of semiotic structures to deal with the most prominent of those structures that constituted artistic features, and to detect the features of the female symmetry and its contextual approaches involved in the poetic text. The importance of this paper highlights in two ways: the first is the lack of the studies about this poet, and the second that the subject is dealing with an important critical matter relating to the semiotics of the title and its functions which grants the text semantic and symbolic burdens that impossible to be decoded except in the completion of the reading the poem, as well as its functions that embodying the dynamics of the poem and its intellectual and visionary construction and its impact in constructing text and its vital and effective energy, in addition to directing the dynamics of the references and symmetries at the structural and artistic level in the poem and showing the influential actor in embodying references in constructing the text from the part to the whole, based on the title structure and its artistic manifestations.