Shore Protection Analysis to Keep the Batu Layar Access from Erosion


Selviana Walsen, Lenora Leuhery, La Mohamat Saleh
Lectures, Department of Civil Engineering, Ambon State Polytechnic, Indonesia.


The shore protection process is carried out by reviewing the hydrodynamic and sedimentation conditions. This study was located at Batu Layar Beach on Ambon Island. On the Batu Layar beach, the main road between the districts of Central Maluku and Ambon City has collapsed on the side of the coastline. So a wave analysis was carried out from wind data forecasting for 10 years from 2012 – 2022 with the US Army SPM 1984 method and analysis of sediment grains in determining the type of soil at the study site to help identify the occurrence of sediment as well as validate the results of interpretation of google earth. The results of the analysis of the hindcasting waves obtained a pattern of long shore sediment transport from the northwest to the southeast which can trigger coastal erosion in the Batu Layar road section. From the analysis of wave height and direction of arrival, it is found that the most appropriate coastal building in overcoming coastal problems in Batu Layar is a combination of retaining walls and groynes.