Simulation Based Three Phase Single Stage Grid connected Inverter Using Solar Photovoltaics


Ms. Kruthi Jayaram, Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering B.N.M.Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


Since ages, the best alternative for fossil fuel generation is found from Renewable energy sources. One among them is the Solar energy which can produce solar power. Solar power can be taught as “Solar Electricity” and is the most practical, cleanest forms of Renewa-ble Energy. Solar Power Systems otherwise called as PV systems can be of various types like off-grid and on-grid systems. This paper, focuses on Grid connected solar electric system. The paper aims at modelling high performance Three Phase Single Stage Grid Connected Inverter. So as to achieve maximum output from the photovoltaic array, MPPT Tracking is connected. The conversion from DC output of photovoltaic array is done to AC so that it is fed into the grid, a IGBT based inverter is used which converts from DC to AC power. A Simulation model is developed in MATLAB Simulink and results are presented in the paper.