Simulation of DC motor for 3-Wheel Omni Drive using MATLAB Simulink


Rahul Gujar (PhD), Kapil Karambelkar, Neeta Mandhare (PhD), Shreedhar Lohar, Suraj Kakade, Yash Mahajan, Kirtibala Shinde
Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune, Maharstra, India.


This paper presents a simulation of a DC motor for a 3-wheel Omni drive using MATLAB Simulink. The Omni drive system is a mechanism that allows for omnidirectional movement by independently controlling the speed and direction of three wheels arranged in a triangular configuration. The simulation aims to model the behaviour of the DC motor under different operating conditions, including variations in speed, torque, and control inputs. By accurately representing the motor dynamics, this simulation enables engineers and researchers to study the performance of the Omni drive system and optimize its control algorithms. The simulation results provide insights into the motor’s response, power consumption, and efficiency, which are crucial for designing and fine-tuning of the overall Omni drive system. Additionally, the simulation facilitates the evaluation of different control strategies for achieving precise and agile movement in various applications such as robotic platforms and autonomous vehicles. The proposed simulation framework serves as a valuable tool for further development and analysis of Omni drive systems, ultimately leading to advancements in mobile robotics and automation technologies.