Simulation Study of Ignition Characteristics of Impinging Sprays in Constant Volume Chamber


Sanaur Rehman, Shah Shahood Alam
Combustion and Pollution Control Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ZHCET,AMU, Aligarh, India.


The present study involves the simulation of a constant volume, non-premixed, hot surface spray combustion of diesel fuel for a given set of injection pressure, compressed air pressure (cylinder air pressure) and hot surface temperature (hot plate temperature) and their effects on ignition delay period. Fuel injection pressure was varied from 100 bar – 300 bar in steps of 100 bar, cylinder air pressure in the range of 20 bar to 40 bar (in steps of 10 bar) and hot surface temperature from 623 K to 723 K (50 K steps). The problem was solved using 2D axisymmetric geometry. A structured mesh of about 1.24 lac nodal points was created and tested for grid independency. For solving flow behavior, a pressure solver was used with a turbulence model of k-ε with enhanced wall functions. While a volumetric eddy dissipation model was used to solve combustion phenomena. Ignition delay period was calculated with the help of static temperature versus time plot. It is found that keeping any two operating parameters constant, third operating parameter is inversely proportional to ignition delay period. The results of the present simulation study are in a fairly good agreement with the experimental studies at same operating conditions.