Smart Automated Sericulture Based On Image Processing Technique And Embedded System


Yogeshraj N S, Student, M.E
Applied Electronics.
Thamilarasi N, Sailaja S, Poonguzhali C, Kannagi S, Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Jaya Engineering College, Chennai, India.


Sericulture is the process of growing silkworms for the purpose of producing silk. India is the world’s second-largest producer of silk. Sericulture is central to India’s socioeconomic, economic, cultural, and political development. Temperature and humidity are important factors in the growth of healthy silkworms. at all stages, particularly during larval development. We’re utilising the webcam to detect silkworms that aren’t doing well. Image processing aids us in recognising infection, ill health, and non-identical phases of silkworms in our study. The colour change in the silkworm’s body is mostly determined via image processing techniques. It denotes non-identical phases, such as black worms and swallow worms, as well as diseases caused by worms.