Smart Farming using Machine Learning and Data Analytics


Shardul Pathak, Sagar Majgude, Sagar Maske, Aneesh Sakure, Nirmit Singhal
B. Tech Computer Science Engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Maharashtra, India.

Yashwant dongre
Assistant professor, Computer Engineering, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Smart farming using machine learning and data analytics is a POC intended for the betterment of farmers and agriculture in India. Mentioned in the report are the exact goals to be fulfilled by this project – namely, recommendations of the top n crops based on soil properties and environmental factors. These take into consideration all the nutrients and micronutrients (around 12 of them) with reference to the soil health card. From these top n crops recommended, the farmer will also be able to know the economically beneficial crop where the model implements a price prediction module for the crops. Also, a year-round plan will be provided to the farmer to maximize his cultivation and earnings through CSM. Besides generic information regarding government schemes or soil testing labs will be provided. The researcher along with these functionalities can access certain datasets that he wants to explore. The researcher can also study the impact of various algorithms on various data. An add-on ‘what if’ scenario will help not only the farmer but also the researcher to play around with various factors and see the variations in results and proceed with decision making accordingly.