Smart Survey on Recent Trends in Cloud Security System


Deepika K M, Assistant professor, Sanjay H A, Professor
Department of Information Science and Engineering, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.
Mohan Murthy M K, Senior consultant
Business solution, Bangalore, IBM, USA.


The idea ofcloudcomputing comprise of many nodeswhich is an answer for expansive issues which a solitary PC is in-equipped for solving . The security and dependability of this stage is crucial to the business, as the trust and confidence that the clients place on us. On the planet where we are living today, each and everything around us is virtualizing and digitizing so as to fulfill the developing needs of the clients. Here the client information (ex. Medicinal information) is ordered into sensitive information and non-sensitive information. K-NN calculation is utilized for classification.The substantial methodology for choosing information security approach is to initially comprehend the need of security for the information .i.ebefore we apply any security for information in cloud, it is obligatory to know the security needs of the information. In this paper, we want to utilize an information order approach which depends on information confidentiality.Technique used to group information is regulated in the virtual space of cloud. We use K-NN primarily to arrange the information concerning their security needs. The information can be additionally named, Non-sensitive(public) and touchy information. After information grouping we get two sorts of information one which requires security and the other which does not require security. Touchy information should be scrambled so as to keep it secure .To encode the information we use RSA algorithm. This approach makes it simple for us to choose the information which needs security. The outcomes demonstrate this is progressively proper methodology when contrasted with putting away information in cloud without understanding the security prerequisites of information.