Solar Based Garbage Cleaning and Surveillance Ship for Lake


Gaurav C. Gondhalekar, Assistant Professor, Pranay S. Shete, Assistant Professor, Vaibhav R. Doifode, Assistant Professor
Department Electrical Engg YCCE, Nagpur, India.
Dr. Pradip B. Jain, Professor & Hod
DMIMS, Wardha, Maharashtra, India.


Water pollution has been a topic of concern in recent years both in India and worldwide. The floating objects on the water surface many times get clogged in the drainage system and cause choking of the system which results in other harmful effects. Also, such floating objects are consumed by the animals residing in the waters as food items and become the cause of their death. Another concern is the security of the water bodies. To deal with this problem we are proposing this Garbage Cleaning System (Ship). This system works on solar energy so it is non-polluting. The ship is so constructed that it has two metal frames with a mechanical arm on one of the frames and the solar panel on the other. Two dc motors are used for navigation of the ship and two motors are for the movement of the arm and the bucket. As the ship is designed for the operations in water wireless communication system Zig Be is used to communicate with the ship for reliable operation. When the operator identifies any garbage in the water, then according to his/her commands from the laptop, the ship goes to the desired place, picks up the garbage and comes back. For security and surveillance purpose it has a came amounted on it which records audio-video footage which can be seen when the ship docks back home.Thisdeviceisaprototypethatcanprovetobeusefulincleaninglakes, rivers, ponds, etc. and if implemented wisely can prove to be a great aid for security and surveillance.