Solar Tree – A Sustainable Energy Approach for Farmers


Mukesh Kumar
Department of Physics, SSNC, University of Delhi, Alipur, Delhi, India.

Lokesh Rana
Physics Department, Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.

Amruta Pattnaik
Assistant Professor(EEE), ADGITM ,Delhi -110053, India.


The energy-producing similarity between the photoelectric effect and photosynthesis makes them more important for humans and has a large environmental impact potential. Sunlight is common in both and its longevity makes them an important solution tool for many human issues. The energy need is one of the important ones. The various researches are going on such sunlight energy conversions, various techniques like Photo Voltaic (PV), Solar Thermal (ST), Solar Photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) conversion are proposed. Researchers are also not able to achieve 100 % accuracy due to optical loss, thermal loss Recombination, Spectrum losses, and Impedance matching. Despite all these, it is found solar energy is a sustainable energy solution with the highest input capital, but with long durability, lower operational cost, and maintenance. The idea of the solar flexible trees is fit for meeting farmers’ energy demands as well as makes them energy producers. This not only creates another source of income for them but also helps in farming. Besides suggesting, this work also addresses the difficulties engaged with this design model and also proposes future research scope. The tighter coupling of land use and management and energy generator ensure us for farmer’s sustainable energy solution.