Solutions for Processing and Recycling Fabric Scraps into Clothes and Accessories to Improve Economic Efficiency for Garment Factories in Hai Phong City


Nga Thi Quynh Nguyen, Nhung Thi Tuyet Tran, Anh Tran Tram Nguyen, Hanh Hong Dao, Huy Quoc Dao
Vietnam Maritime University.


The textitle industry is one of the key industries in Vietnam. According to data from the World Trade Center, Vietnam has emerged as the top 3 countries with the world's largest export turnover in the textile industry, accounting for 6.4% of the global market share, behind China (31.6%) and Europe (27.9%). Hai Phong is a large city in Vietnam and also a major textile center of the country with an export turnover of 7.7 billion USD. However, the treatment of Waste Materials (NLT) – fabric scraps after production has not been given adequate attention, which causes significant waste and impacts on the environment and longterm development of the industry. This article explores the current situation of fabric scraps and the process of recycling fabric scraps into costumes and fashion accessories to bring about economic, environmental and social efficiency, especially economic efficiency. for garment factories in Hai Phong city, Vietnam.