Speckle Reduction and Segmentation for The Detection of Follicles in the Ultrasound Images of Ovaries


Vasavi Gotte, Research Scholar, Jyothi Singaraju, Professor & Head
Dept of Computer Science, SPMVV, India.


In the present clinical field, image processing plays a vital role in identifying the disease and its stage. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a common obstacle faced by many women at the age of reproduction. Identifying the existence of this disease is a major task.A clinical way of the images isexceptionally utilizing to distinguish ovarian cysts growths. Images obtained from ultrasound and other devices are affected by noise and other factors. One must remove the noise with an efficient filter and legitimate segmentation techniques for identifying the follicles in the images obtained from the devices.A hybrid filter for despeckling, and a semi novel procedure for segmentation of ultrasonic images of ovaries are presented in this paper. The efficiency of the techniques are measured in terms of performance metrics