Structural and Optical Properties of Zno and Zno/PS Core-Shell Nano Composites


Neha Narang, Anand K. Tyagi
Department of Applied Science, S.SB.S.State technical Campus, Ferozpu Punjab, India.
Neha Narang
Department of Physics, I.K. Gujral Punjab technical University, Kapurthala Punjab, India.


The Core-shell structured nanoparticles of ZnO-PS were successfully synthesized in PS matrix by wet chemical method and transparent thin films of these nano-hybrids were coated on substrates by using spin coating technique. The XRD spectra of ZnO nanoparticles demonstrates a series of characteristic peaks that were in accordance with the XRD pattern of wurtzite phase, hexagonal ZnO structure. The crystallite sizes in ZnO, and ZnO/PS, corresponding to 101 plane, are found. Structural and optical properties of all the nanocomposites samples were investigated by XRD, HRTEM, EDX, FTIR and UV-Visible spectroscopy.