Structural, Micro-Structural and Dielectric Studies of Zirconium Doped Ba6Ta4TiO18 Ceramics


Karamveer Kaur
Department of Physics, D M College (Panjab University) Moga, 142001 (Punjab) India.
Anand K Tyagi
Department of Applied Sciences, SBS State Technical Campus, NH-05, Firozpur 152004 (Punjab) India.


Zirconium doped Ba6Ta4Ti1-xZrxO18 ceramics for x= 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2 and 0.25 have been successfully synthesized using auto combustion technique in this work. XRD patterns of the sintered ceramics are found to be sharp and well defined having no impurity phases for all the compositions. The lattice parameters ‘a’ and ‘c’ increase with amount of zirconium. XRD, FESEM/EDX and FTIR studies confirm the formation of Ba6Ta4Ti1-xZrxO18 ceramics with required structure. FESEM/EDX analysis revealed that ceramics possess high density with marginal inter-granular porosity. Ba6Ta4Ti1-xZrxO18 ceramic samples possess high values of dielectric constant, quality factors and conductivity. The dielectric properties enhance with increase in amount of Zirconium making them suitable for fabrication of dielectric resonators.