Student Attendance Using RFID System


Mohammed Jamal Al-mansor
Department of communication engineering, Iraq University College, Basra, Iraq.
Fatimah Zaharah Ali
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.


There has been a rising interest in a secure framework that must be solid and quick to react to enterprises and organizations. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the solid and quick methods for recognizing any material article. Their huge favorable position is that they can read wirelessly, contain more data than standardized identification and progressively hearty in nature and in view of non-observable pathway innovation. RFID tags can read in any natural testing conditions where others read innovation likes barcode or optical card reader useless. In this research, we purposed a secure system that provides information about the attendance of students. In this framework when the card brought close to the RFID module, it reads the card data and its contrasts and the information in the program memory and showcases the corresponding name to that card. The attendance is saved in a text file on the SD card then it converted to an excel sheet on the computer.