Study of Alcoholic Extract of Acacia Farnesiana (L.) Willd Pods


Revati K. Kadam, Prajakata V. Khairnar
Department of Pharmacognosy SVERI College of pharmacy, Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India.
Vijay R. Chakote
Department of Pharmaceutics, SVERI College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India.
Mahesh U. Shinde
Department of Pharmcology K.T. Patil College of Pharmacy, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India.


Identification of bioactive compound from alcoholic extract of Acacia farnesiana leguminosae pods by using preliminary phytochemical test or thin layer chromatography and the quantification of total phenolic content by folin-ciocalteu reagent method. shade dried grounded powder of Acacia farnesiana pods was successively extracted with petroleum ether, chloroform and alcohol in soxhlet apparatus, alcoholic compound obtained in more amount as compare to other two extract so alcoholic extract was used for identification of bioactive compound. The alcoholic extract of leguminosae pods indicates the presence of major bioactive compound. Analysis of the alcoholic extract by TLC have identified naringenin from extract, and the total phenolic content in alcoholic extract was found to be 22%(w/w). Therefore the present study deals with qualitative analysis of alcoholic extract of legumae pericarp (pod wall) of Acacia farnesiana L. In which we analyze various phytochemical which are useful for contoling various diseases TLC method used for identification of the content of naringenin from active extract of Acacia farnesiana pods. It is concluded that, legume pods contain maximum phytoconstituents or phenolic content.